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Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Finds

I absolutely looooove shopping for new finds for the shop. I have found however, that the searching itself can become an addictive process. I tell myself I will go to one specific place to look. Then I decide maybe I should head over to just one more place to have a look around. Before I know it, it turns out to be hours of treasure hunting. I just can't help myself. I keep thinking about opening up an antique booth. There are alot of large finds I run across that are really great bargains. There is actually a new antique mall that just opened up in our area that is in great need of vendors. It's very anxiety provoking for me though. Especially in this economy. I don't mean to be pessimistic but the booth rent is expensive and I don't know how in the world vendors even cover their space much less make a profit. It seems like the way to go would be to have another person go into the business with me.  Unfortunately, my sisters live more than a thousand miles away and none of my friends share my passion for antiques. I guess for know I will just have to stick with my online shop. One leap I think I will take is to post an ad of my online store in Somerset Life magazine. I LOVE this mag! Hopefully it will help to increase my sales. It's worth a try. Never been too much of a risk taker. Gotta work on that one! Anyway, here are some finds I found recently on my recent treasure hunts.

I love old ads. Found this beauty at a Flea Market. $20.95

Isn't this old box beautiful? I found it at an antique shop. $14.95

This is an estate sale find. Silver is always so elegant looking.

Lil' old scoop. These are so great for sugar, flour, pet food or potpourri.

Such a pretty old creamer. So dainty looking.

I love the worn patina of old tins. I think they look
so great displayed on a shelf in the kitchen or filled with dried flowers.

This bowl has a very English look to me. I found her at a Flea Market.

I fell in love with the buttery colored, worn finish on this old silverware tray. It is really
hard to let it go. I thought it would look so great as a small shelf.

I thought I would start combining some things to sell together.
These would be a neat addition to a mixed media project
and they are housed in a silver plated small cup. 

I found this old scoop in a shop off of the beaten path in Arkansas.
The vendor said it was used to scoop and measure strawberries. 
I thought it would be a great piece to add to a vignette. 

I hope you guys enjoy a safe and fun Fourth of July!



  1. Hi Angie: I could have written your post! Love shopping, love selling and I am afraid to take a leap in a brick and mortar store in this economy.

    Your finds are darling. LOVE the scoop!!


  2. Such great finds! I love them all. But I think the first one, the sign, is my fave.

  3. You found some lovely treasures Angie, I love both of the scoops you found. xx

  4. Beautiful things, Angie!

    I hope you're having a wonderful and safe 4th!

  5. Angie,
    Thanks for leaving me a great comment, it brought me to your beautiful blog. Boy your picture on your banner is amazing. Love it all. I am going to go over & check out your shop as several of the items you showed are just what I love, ie the box, the divided box & the rusty scoop. Lisa
    PS I think that Somerset Life ads would be a great idea for you. Your stuff fits right in. Use that banner for sure, it caught my eye.

  6. Oh, I love your finds. You have a good eye.

  7. Booth spaces are SO high . Maybe put an ad on Craigslist for like minded antiques dealers that would share a booth with you. Split four ways would be more affordable. A really small booth ,6'x8',around here(NE) is at least $100.00 a month, sometimes more.

  8. Hi!
    Do you sell (lil' old scoop) and send to Denmark?