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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lacy Knickers and Estate Sale Stickers

I got up early on Saturday morning and headed to the computer to compile a list of places to hunt for treasures. I don't know about you guys, but treasure hunting gives me a rush like a child has the night before Christmas!  I always find it very hard to sleep the night before amidst the process of thinking about what I hope to find, the wondering about what I will find, and the worrying about who may get there before me and grab up the great booty before I arrive.  When its all over I am usually physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

Well, on Saturday, all of the anxiety and excitement that led to only four hours of sleep was worth it because I came home with some great stuff!  Most of it was found at an estate sale.  The man who was having it was my favorite kind of estate sale vendor. The kind that wants nothing more than to just get rid of his wares. I found some great bargins but my husband and I actually found ourselves feeling bad for the gentleman who had the sale.  He said overall, it had been really slow for him. He had alot of very nice items (china, silver, crystal) but he stated people just weren't buying.  I sure hope this economy turns around soon.  Anyway, here are some pics of some of my finds. Some of them will wind up in my Etsy shop but some, I just can't bring myself to let go of.

There was china

Lots and lots.......

of beautiful china.

There was framed tapestry

and other interesting pieces of framed art. This I am not crazy about but.....

I do love this wooden, distressed frame. This is going to become a
framed chalk board that I will sell in my Etsy shop.

There was silver

and wonderful, old books.


But one of my favorite finds of all was this very old Young Ladies Journal

And these too!  There were actually a total of four of these wonderful journals.
Some are dated as old as 1882.  As I sat and looked through one of them I began to imagine how it must have been all those years ago. Clothing, home decor items and architecture were all so much more elegant, detailed, proper and well crafted.

Apparently this was their idea of a night gown. No wearing hubby's big ol' t-shirts to bed like I am known to do

The clothing reflected elegance and class versus comfort like so much of today's apparel. No room for a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl like me I guess.

It seems that even their undergarments were quite refined.
Check out these ever so lacy drawers and knickers.

How in the world did they wear all those garments at one time? The corsets, the stockings, the drawers and the long dresses.  Can you imagine?  Especially in 100 degree heat like it was today with no air conditioning. It amazes me.

I stopped to think about what those refined women of the past would think about the woman of today with our ol' jeans, belly piercings and tattoos that seem to have become ever so popular with women recently. Times have definitely changed huh ladies?

Have a great week!      -Angie

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Finds

I absolutely looooove shopping for new finds for the shop. I have found however, that the searching itself can become an addictive process. I tell myself I will go to one specific place to look. Then I decide maybe I should head over to just one more place to have a look around. Before I know it, it turns out to be hours of treasure hunting. I just can't help myself. I keep thinking about opening up an antique booth. There are alot of large finds I run across that are really great bargains. There is actually a new antique mall that just opened up in our area that is in great need of vendors. It's very anxiety provoking for me though. Especially in this economy. I don't mean to be pessimistic but the booth rent is expensive and I don't know how in the world vendors even cover their space much less make a profit. It seems like the way to go would be to have another person go into the business with me.  Unfortunately, my sisters live more than a thousand miles away and none of my friends share my passion for antiques. I guess for know I will just have to stick with my online shop. One leap I think I will take is to post an ad of my online store in Somerset Life magazine. I LOVE this mag! Hopefully it will help to increase my sales. It's worth a try. Never been too much of a risk taker. Gotta work on that one! Anyway, here are some finds I found recently on my recent treasure hunts.

I love old ads. Found this beauty at a Flea Market. $20.95

Isn't this old box beautiful? I found it at an antique shop. $14.95

This is an estate sale find. Silver is always so elegant looking.

Lil' old scoop. These are so great for sugar, flour, pet food or potpourri.

Such a pretty old creamer. So dainty looking.

I love the worn patina of old tins. I think they look
so great displayed on a shelf in the kitchen or filled with dried flowers.

This bowl has a very English look to me. I found her at a Flea Market.

I fell in love with the buttery colored, worn finish on this old silverware tray. It is really
hard to let it go. I thought it would look so great as a small shelf.

I thought I would start combining some things to sell together.
These would be a neat addition to a mixed media project
and they are housed in a silver plated small cup. 

I found this old scoop in a shop off of the beaten path in Arkansas.
The vendor said it was used to scoop and measure strawberries. 
I thought it would be a great piece to add to a vignette. 

I hope you guys enjoy a safe and fun Fourth of July!