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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vintage Metal Tins Draw Me In

I cannot explain what it is about old tins and metal baskets that draw me in, but I absolutely love them!  Every time I see them they just captivate my attention.  With vintage industrial so hot right now, it's the perfect item to add to your home decor.  They are great to store various items in, or you can simply use them for display.  I try to buy metal tins and baskets for my Etsy store.  I found a few at an antique market about a week ago.  I was able to let one go despite the great sadness that came with its departure.  Just can't bring myself to part with the others though.  Here is a look at some great metal tins and baskets that are so fabulous they set my heart into a spin!

Photo from

I found some neat tin boxes today for my Etsy shop while I was out searching for finds. I will have to take some pics and post them later. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recent Found Treasures

I am having so much fun searching flea markets, garage sales, and the occasional junk shop (these are hard to find around here) to find new treasures for my etsy store.  Here is a look at some of my recent finds.  The items that are still for sale are listed in my etsy store.


Great old German clock  $20.00 

Neat vintage game  $13.95 

Silver Plated Salad Scissors  $25.00

Old tackle box  $15.00

Vintage metal weights  $3.95 each

Old stamps  Sold!


I Finally Did It

I finally joined the blog world.  That's a big feat coming from a girl who was hardly ever seen on the computer up until about one year ago.  That is when I discovered all of those fabulous blogs that feature all things old and chippy.  I am now addicted.  My hat goes off to all you bloggers out there with great blogs.  It seems like it must take alot of dedication and creativity. I hope to do some neat giveaways on my blog in the future so stay tuned.

I recently opened my own Etsy store.  I sell antique/vintage finds as well as some handmade things.  I just completed my first wholesale order of magnets.  Here is a peek at a few of them before they get mailed out.

A little house

a little heart

and a little inspiration