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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lacy Knickers and Estate Sale Stickers

I got up early on Saturday morning and headed to the computer to compile a list of places to hunt for treasures. I don't know about you guys, but treasure hunting gives me a rush like a child has the night before Christmas!  I always find it very hard to sleep the night before amidst the process of thinking about what I hope to find, the wondering about what I will find, and the worrying about who may get there before me and grab up the great booty before I arrive.  When its all over I am usually physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

Well, on Saturday, all of the anxiety and excitement that led to only four hours of sleep was worth it because I came home with some great stuff!  Most of it was found at an estate sale.  The man who was having it was my favorite kind of estate sale vendor. The kind that wants nothing more than to just get rid of his wares. I found some great bargins but my husband and I actually found ourselves feeling bad for the gentleman who had the sale.  He said overall, it had been really slow for him. He had alot of very nice items (china, silver, crystal) but he stated people just weren't buying.  I sure hope this economy turns around soon.  Anyway, here are some pics of some of my finds. Some of them will wind up in my Etsy shop but some, I just can't bring myself to let go of.

There was china

Lots and lots.......

of beautiful china.

There was framed tapestry

and other interesting pieces of framed art. This I am not crazy about but.....

I do love this wooden, distressed frame. This is going to become a
framed chalk board that I will sell in my Etsy shop.

There was silver

and wonderful, old books.


But one of my favorite finds of all was this very old Young Ladies Journal

And these too!  There were actually a total of four of these wonderful journals.
Some are dated as old as 1882.  As I sat and looked through one of them I began to imagine how it must have been all those years ago. Clothing, home decor items and architecture were all so much more elegant, detailed, proper and well crafted.

Apparently this was their idea of a night gown. No wearing hubby's big ol' t-shirts to bed like I am known to do

The clothing reflected elegance and class versus comfort like so much of today's apparel. No room for a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl like me I guess.

It seems that even their undergarments were quite refined.
Check out these ever so lacy drawers and knickers.

How in the world did they wear all those garments at one time? The corsets, the stockings, the drawers and the long dresses.  Can you imagine?  Especially in 100 degree heat like it was today with no air conditioning. It amazes me.

I stopped to think about what those refined women of the past would think about the woman of today with our ol' jeans, belly piercings and tattoos that seem to have become ever so popular with women recently. Times have definitely changed huh ladies?

Have a great week!      -Angie


  1. Great finds Angie, I love the young ladies journals. It must be so wonderful to look through them and imagine what life was like! xx

  2. Oh my gosh those are amazing finds !! What fun !!


  3. Angie, I had the pleasure of helping a friend of mine run an Estate Sale. The family had wonderful thing, old furniture that had been owned by one family and taken care of for all those years. Attic finds that no one had seen in 60+ years, china, you name it they had it. We worked for two days and only the little things sold, it was very sad. I have no idea what they are going to do with all that wonderful furniture but I hope they find someone to buy it and will take care of it! Times are very hard and people are definitely not making big purchases if they don't have to.

    I really love the china you found but the magazines are wonderful!!! I'll have to keep my eye out for those myself.

  4. Angie, oh my my, I have to admit that I'm just like you when the weekend comes along...can't sleep but just lay there thinking....and wondering, and hoping and then, oh why not just get up and get dressed and leave already!!! I'm so bad...even my husband knows that if he doesn't want to leave early, he doesn't get to go!!! Love your beautiful estate sale finds...hoping to see one of those china pieces in your etsy shop!! Blessings, Doni

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  6. You beautifully articulated that feeling of excitement one feels before an adventure into treasure hunting. Looks like this sale was a fabulous score! I found you through Junkologie and happy to be a new follower. Flit on over to my nest when you have a chance. Best, Jenn

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