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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something From Nothing

Somerset Life magazine always leaves me feeling inspired to keep my eye out for random, vintage little items I can use to create something neat.  I was at a small flea market this last weekend and I came across this box of little old wood pieces.  I was immediately drawn to them because of the look of the chippy, faded, wood finish.  When I took it up the the gentleman who ran the market he said, "Oh my gosh, you found these old things!  I keep trying to throw them in the trash but my wife keeps putting them back out here."  Sure enough, I bought them.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I felt like they were longing to be something. 

The flea market vendor said he thought they use to be pieces of a beaded doorway curtain. 

Later that day, I sat in my craft studio looking at them, asking myself what these little pieces might become.   It dawned on me that I had some vintage scraps of lace that were all disorganized in a Ziploc bag. I thought they would be well used as little spools for my lace.

But I still wasn't satisfied. I needed to create something from them.  I began to gather up various things around the studio such as a scrap of vintage lace, a pic from The Graphics Fairy  (love her), pieces from a vintage book page, the wire that held the wood beads together when I bought them, some linen, and an old bead from a bag of vintage jewelry I purchased awhile back.  This is what it all came together to become:

One of the things that I used in the piece was a small scrap of linen with old music text transferred onto it.

I recently discovered transfer paper. It makes it so easy to transform fabric into something really special to use in art projects!  I especially love the look of old text or pics transferred onto linen.

I guess it is fitting that my little creation incorporates the theme of becoming.  What better way to symbolize becoming but with a butterfly.  As I sat and made it, I thought about the wonderful gift we all have of constantly becoming.  The older I get, I believe more and more that we truly are the authors of our lives.  The choices we make on a daily basis carry our life story forward in new directions.  What a blessing that we are always a work in progress, with room to learn and grow!  

Check out these other creations made with great, random things:

From Somerset Life magazine April/May/June 2010

Are these typewriter keys? I'm not sure but old typewriter keys do make a great item to incorporate into an art project.

From Somerset Life magazine April/May/June 2010

Use some old bottles, vintage jewelry and maybe even some great ephemera to create a beautiful way to store buttons, bath salts and more! These bottles were created at an event called Silver Bella. Its an event in Omaha, Nebraska where people come together from all over to take part in a weekend filled with various art workshops taught by some of the best in the art community. Sounds neat huh?

From Somerset Life magazine April/May/June 2010

I love how this piece incorporates an old playing card and pages from an old book.

Great Etsy Finds
I found some great things on Etsy that are just waiting be used to create artistic treasures.  Take a look.

Petite doilies from My So Called Junky Life 
Only $2.50 for 6!

Love, love, love all of the neat little items found at DK General Store  
23 Vintage number tacks for $25.00 

10 Vintage 45rpm record adaptors $25.00 from DK General Store

5 Vintage drawer knobs for $14.00 from DK General Store

Ephemera Pack for $10.00 from

10 Vintage Flat Keys for $7.00 from Sommer Breeze Antiques

15 Pieces of Rhinestone jewelry for $14.00 from Rusty Charm

Almost the weekend guys!  Yeah!  Hope you have a great one.
  Til next time.   -Angie


  1. Hello Girlie,
    Thank-you for visiting my place... You were admiring my stationery letter box, altererd art mixed media of paper, wood, paint, linen, and love!!!

    I know what you maen by visiting ones that may inspire you and I am so happy I did that for you.

    Now after visiting you I to am inspired by your featured photo's and your transfer work.

    Stay in touch I am trying to make a button for my side bar so I can do a giveaway. I am haveing trouble with it loading to a gadget...I guess I will have to work on it in the morning!

    Please stop by anytime and I may have something new that may inspire you!

    see you soon can't wait to be inspired by your next post :)

  2. PS. My sister lives in Bakersfield "Cathy Sliter" she is in advertising.

    nice to see that you are 2 and 1/2 hours from me

  3. Love your style and the little spools were used in darling ways. Have a sweet day!

  4. Lucky Me. I received my Cottage Gift over the week-end. I so love everything. My husband thought the tobacco box was really neat.
    As I was ohhhing and ahhhing over everything I said, "
    And look at the adorable little blocks." I wish I had a picture of his face. He had this state on confusion on his face and was speechless. I am sure you get it, hah. I love everything.....thank you so much. ((((HUGS))))

  5. Your wooden spool turned out great! So charming!! Thanks so much for the link, that was so kind of you.
    I signed up to follow you, because clearly we both love the same things. I love the photos of all the beautiful things you posted and I adore your slip covered sofa!!!


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