Monday, October 4, 2010

Repurposed Table

I have a new addition to my living room today.  I have been looking FOREVER for an old table that I could convert to a coffee table.  I have wanted something like a farmhouse table with a planked wood top.  It has been a problem finding one that would work because it had to be one that was not too large.  It seems like everything I came across was either too big or too small.  Yesterday I decided to trot down to a local antique mall and see what I could find.  Low and behold, as I walked through browsing the booths, I saw a smaller table that I thought just might work.  The price tag stated: "Farm House Table  - $45.00".  For only $45.00 I was liking it even more! It even had the planked wood top that I wanted.  I decided to buy it and off I went, back to the homestead.  The next obstacle I had to overcome was my husband, who wasn't too crazy about cutting the legs off my new table.  I have to say I do understand where he is coming from.  I think from time to time about all of the old items that are being defaced these days because of the repurposed craze that has become so popular. I guess it is a result of being from a here and now, consumer driven society.  I tried to justify my guilt as I watched my husband cutting off the legs by telling myself that its ok because it's not a table that is anywhere near in perfect condition right? In addition to that, it was only $45.00 and it is not like it will not be used, but just used in a different way right? Now that it is said and done, some guilt resides but I have to say, mostly what I think about as I sit here in my living room is, "I really love my new table!"  Here is a peek at it:

Planked wood top. Lovin it!

Along with the table I also found an old painting from Italy that has a beautiful oak frame.  I thought it would be great hanging in a little corner of the living room. 

I bought this shabby little white shelf at a flea market awhile back. I love the primitive look of the finish. I think shelves are so perfect for any room in the house because you can change the displays on them and in turn, change the feel of an area. 

I found this old basket at a yard sale this past weekend.  The woman selling it stated that she bought it about 30 years ago and thought she had paid about $90.00 for it back then.  I scored it for a whopping $10.00!  It works great for magazines.  I have soooo many magazines and decorating books I can never have too many baskets to put them all in.  I am thinking about searching for a huge, older basket to place underneath my new coffee table to store all of them in.

One small corner of the living room is finally coming together.  I recently made the seat cushion that sits in the wicker chair.  I got the idea from a pic of a seat cushion in a magazine that really captured my eye because it blended two types of fabric patterns.  I think it turned out pretty well considering I am no real pro when it comes to sewing. 

The next piece added to my living room will be my new sofa.  I ordered it awhile back and it should be ready this month.  I can't wait!  My husband and I have been using the love seat I have had for a number of years and it is a bit uncomfortable to lounge on because it is way too short.  I am always striving to create the most comfortable environment possible in my home for my husband and I.  From towels in the bath that feel soft and fluffy, the pillows to rest our head on that feel just right, to the quilts and candles in the living room that provide a sense of coziness. I want it all to come together to be a place of respite from the busy world, a place that truly brings us peace.  I have to post some new items for my Etsy shop so bye for now!   Angie


  1. I love the coffee table!! It looks great & where did those HUGE pinecones come from?? That Italy picture and frame is amazing, too!

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